Kurtis James

fire wood and metal work • unique furniture and lighting • reclaimed metals

The Work


Commercial and residential installations


Unique tables, seating, and shelving


Wearable artwork, lighting, and accents

About Me

 It must have started with my life-long habit of repurposing the ordinary. Seems like I can't help but see something interesting, useful, or beautiful in all kinds of mundane objects. But it's the materials that make or break a project. The properties of different woods and metals — how they cut and shape and dry — that's what I find the most fascinating of all.

My business includes architectural millwork — 24 years experience. I specialize in high-end commercial and residential work incorporating exotic and domestic woods. Extensive knowledge of species characteristics and qualities makes my work stand out.

The result? A portfolio of what my imagination happens to cook up and what my clients value. Find out more by sending me a message.

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